The Hive – Act 2

Act 2 takes place in a forest – perhaps The Forest of Arden – where archetypal characters wander. Little Red Riding Hood, on her way to visit her Grannie, is abducted by Hansel, Gretel and the Big Bad Wolf, who are all partying in their Gingerbread House. The Huntsman cannot save her, though he does his best. Everyone touched pays a price – no one escapes.

Note: Contains language some may find offensive


Music: Harvey Brough
Words: Carole Hayman
Director: Susannah Waters
Producer: Chris Wallis
Associate Producer: Chris Taylor

Carole Hayman (CRYSTAL)
Soprano: Elizabeth Cragg (LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD/DR A)
Mezzo: Marcia Bellamy (GRISELDA/GRETEL/DR C)
Tenor: Ted Schmitz (HUNTER)
Bass: Keel Watson (HANSEL/ DR J)

Soprano: Susannah Hardwick
Mezzo: Rebecca Leggett (MAID MARIAN)
Tenor: Alexander Jasper (LONG JOHN SILVER)
Bass: Robert Brooks (DR GEORGE)
Piano: Harvey Brough